Jan 17th, 2013
Nov 27th, 2012

Think I wanna try Yarn Braids.. but nobody to do them..grrr

Sep 21st, 2012
Sep 13th, 2012
Aug 3rd, 2012
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ROTF I CAN’T FUCKING BREATHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 31st, 2012
Jul 31st, 2012
Jul 19th, 2012
Jul 11th, 2012
Jul 4th, 2012


it is now July 4th, and i would like to take this time to recognize that 131 years ago a great institution of higher learning by the name of Tuskegee University was founded. Happy birthday, Mother Tuskegee. so let me stop before i say something ignorant like “Turn Up, bih!”…welp.